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Today, ACTIVE BROTHERS Ltd. is the Romanian and Hungarian representative of this High School Exchange Program. Our company offer the students the opportunity to study overseas one academic year or one semester (however we recommend to stay a whole year) and to learn English as his/her native language. Since 1994 more than 260 students from Romania and Hungary have traveled to America, they have seen its beauty, they have experienced its culture and they have returned with perfect English language skills, wonderful memories and a lot of great experience...
Academic year or semester program
Academic year or semester program

What is a high school exchange program exactly? High School Exchange Program is a very complex program, designed especially for high school students from all around the world who wants to study in the United States of America. This program means that the student will study in an American high school for a semester (fall

2 week group vacation in California
2 week group vacation in California

For summer or winter holiday. Groups of 10-17 students Requirements: 1. Students of ages 13 to 21 and currently attending school/university. 2. Academically above average. 3. Ability to communicate in basic English. 4. Flexibility and openness to new experiences. 5. In good health, able to live independently, with good manners and self-discipline. 6. Participation in

Summer DANCE or ACT in Los Angeles / July 1-31
Summer DANCE or ACT in Los Angeles / July 1-31

This is a very exclusive program offered to us by our partner organization from California. Students can choose either to DANCE or ACT during an entire month (July 1-31) in Los Angeles, California. Both programs are coordinated by professionals! It is the BEST place to be. Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the list can go on.

Short term individual programs
Short term individual programs

Individual short term placement programs 1. Individual Homestay Immersion: In homestay programs, participants ranging in age from 15 to 30 live with American host families as family members. They normally stay for a period of 2 to 4 weeks and they expect to be involved in daily family activities and household chores. The most important aspect

Private school program
Private school program

The private school program is a bit different from the other academic year programs. In this case the applicant has 2 options: OPTION 1: 1. The applicant can choose to attend Birmingham Charter School in Los Angeles for a year or a semester. This program ONLY accepts 12 exchange students / year from all around

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