Summer DANCE or ACT in Los Angeles / July 1-31

Summer DANCE or ACT in Los Angeles / July 1-31

This is a very exclusive program offered to us by our partner organization from California. Students can choose either to DANCE or ACT during an entire month (July 1-31) in Los Angeles, California. Both programs are coordinated by professionals! It is the BEST place to be. Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the list can go on. You might even get to meet celebrities.
Similarly to other cultural exchange programs, the applicant is staying with a lovely host family for a month. These families are carefully selected and the applicant is matched with a host family based on common interests.


1. SKYPE interview with the representative of our partner organization
2. Accepting the student in the program
3. Filling out online application form for the summer program
4. Matching the student with the L.A. host family
5. Paying the program fee
6. Preparing the authorization to Act as a Guardian (notarized form)
7. Health Insurance proof
8. Students receive pre-arrival tips and meet the other students
9. Flight information to be sent to L.A. family


What’s included:

  • Enrollment in acting academy or designated dance studios

  • Matching the student with one of our L.A. host families

  • The host family takes care of room and board: three meals a day, support, help,
    activities, a family structure

  • Organizing group activities to explore Los Angeles

  • A month unlimited METRO TAP card

  • Monitoring integration into the L.A. family and training

What’s NOT included:

  • US Embassy Visa fee (not applicable in case of Hungarian citizens)

  • Roundtrip airfare

  • Mandatory health and accident insurance

  • Pocket money for shopping, out with friends when not with L.A. family or program activities, or group activities with a non-hosted lunch