Private school program

Private school program

The private school program is a bit different from the other academic year programs.
In this case the applicant has 2 options:

1. The applicant can choose to attend Birmingham Charter School in Los Angeles for a year or a semester.
This program ONLY accepts 12 exchange students / year from all around the world.
If you love dancing, acting, singing, playing sports, this is the right program for you.
Our partner organization will set up a custom program based on your interests.
The applicant is matched with a host family in Los Angeles.

2. Select a private school from a list provided by our US partner organization.
Based on your families budget you can select in which school would you like to study. In this case, most schools are religious schools and they require to you to wear a uniform.
The applicant stays with a host family.
This program can guarantee graduation in case the applicant fulfills the requirements.

For additional details on the private school program, please fill out the initial application form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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