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In 1989 High School Exchange Program was founded in Hungary, by George Bakos, who was also a former exchange student, to inspire young teens and adults to explore the world, learn new cultures and new languages. This Exchange Program throughout the years has developed a wide connection with some of the worlds leading educational services to continue to offer only the most outstanding experiences for their students participating in the programs offered.

Romania was the second eastern European country (after Hungary) that got the opportunity after the regime change to reach out its tentacles and absorb what the world had to offer. Our company, Active Brother Llc (formally Puer Pro Scola Llc.) was the only organization at that time that did offer this opportunity to the Romanian public. Since then more and more countries have joined us and we hope to continue adding new and innovating countries to the list.

Today, ACTIVE BROTHERS Ltd. is the Romanian representative of this High School Exchange Program. Our company offer the students the opportunity to study overseas one academic year or one semester (however we recommend to stay a whole year) and to learn English as his/her native language. Since 1994 more than 150 students from Romania and Hungary have traveled to America, they have seen its beauty, they have experienced its culture and they have returned with perfect English language skills, wonderful memories and a lot of great experience.

In 2008, the company changed its management. After finishing the university I took over the company from my parents. Since then, I try to advertise this program on as large scale as possible (online and offline), trying to let every student know about this opportunity. I, too, have participated in this High School Exchange program in 2003-2004, 10 years ago. Since it is my responsibility to run the company, my mission is to develop this program and of course to share this wonderful idea of being an exchange student with high school students all over Romania and Hungary. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and whoever can live with this opportunity, it can be a life changing event!

I say life changing event, because while you are in the United States, you will learn the language just like it would be your native language and because of that you will have advantages in the upcoming high school, university years. Some of our students have managed to go back to the States with a scholarship to study at university. We have many success stories from our former exchange students, but just to mention a couple: some of the students who took part of this program work at NASA today, or there are others who run their own businesses in New York and in other cities in the USA and there are many who accomplished their “American dream” in the home country.

The opportunity is given, you just have to decide and BE PART OF THE EXPERIENCE AND FUN!

Pásztor Lehel – High School Exchange Program Director (former exchange student 2003-2004)

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